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“Kathy is a musician’s jazz singer, something I noticed from our very first gig. She has a rapport with the musicians, treats them with respect, chooses great tunes, knows them well, sings in tune, knows how to phrase, communicates the essence of the tune and, most importantly… SWINGS. Can’t think of much more needed to vocally soar…and soar she does.”
Bob Maksymkow, Woodwinds/ Jazz Educator (Pensacola, FL)

“Kathy Lyon is a great, great vocalist who has devoted herself to a passionate and life long study of jazz singing. She knows the repertoire and styles from every decade, and she is as comfortable singing a low-down blues from the ‘20’s as she is singing the latest smooth jazz hit to come off of the radio. For a musical director, she’s the girl who can do it all, and for an accompanist, her sense of tone and time make her a dream to work with. Take it from me, you can’t do better than Kathy….”
David Shelander, pianist (Orange Beach, AL)

“It’s a pleasure playing with Kathy Lyon, she engages the audience and brings the revelry of the room up a few notches. I look forward to having her come return to the mountains and sing. People are asking for her and she always puts her heart into her performances.”
Rich Chorné, guitarist (Ruidoso, NM)

“Kathy Lyon has a boundless energy that brings everyone—the musicians playing with her and the audience—along for the ride. As a pianist, it’s great to play behind a voice that utilizes so many colors. As a musician, it’s encouraging to know the music is performed with such thought and taste. As a jazz fan, Kathy is just plain fun to listen to and experience.”
Eric Byrd, Pianist, Educator (Washington DC)

“Kathy has the ability to connect with the audience from the first couple of notes. She has all the desirable attributes—complete musicality, gorgeous delivery, accurate intonation, skilled improvisation and is a delight to work with.  What more could one ask?   She has performed for Pensacola JazzFest and is regularly brought back for Jazz Society of Pensacola programs.”
F. Norman Vickers,
Volunteer Executive Director, Emeritus
Jazz Society of Pensacola, Inc.

Kathy Lyon Photograph“Kathy Lyon is an incredible interpreter of songs, making each one come alive. She makes every lyric & melody her own—while making it the listeners own, as well. Blessed with a remarkable musical mind enabling her to communicate with remarkable depth and sincerity, she is a vocal talent with the ability and experience to DRIVE things home. She’s a model of taste and feeling. Her approach is clearly about musicality. Kathy is simply a class act and definitely VERY top crust.”
Larry Wojcik, drummer (Pensacola, FL)

“The next rising Jazz vocal artist on the horizon. Her interpretations are energetic, refreshing and enthusiastic. Kathy’s performances make you pat your foot, clap your hands, swing back and forth, and put a smile on your face. Enjoyable is the magic word. At the end of her show, you leave musically fulfilled.”
(the late) Ronnie Wells, Jazz vocalist, Educator, President and Founder of FMJS
Presenter of the Annual FMJS East Coast Jazz Festival (Washington DC)

“Kathy Lyon is the quintessential ‘natural’ musician. One of the rare vocalists who can delight both her audience and the musicians performing with her at the same time. That’s truly rare.”
Larry Brown, pianist (Washington DC)

“Kathy Lyon exudes a warm familiarity with the art of performing that is always inclusive of her band, and of the audience. Her voice is a dynamic instrument, capable of bluesy swagger one moment, and reflective poignancy the next. She understands how to strike that delicate balance between giving the audience what they might expect from her, and introducing them to fresh ideas, with a style that helps the unfamiliar seem very close to home…working with Kathy is easy, as she is always one to accentuate the positive in anything she does. ”
Dan LaMeastra, pianist and arranger,
U.S. Navy Commodores jazz big band (Washington DC)

“As a singer, Kathy Lyon always delivers … pleasing, and powerful on stage. She sings with beautiful tone and perfect intonation. The calling of any good singer is to truly interpret and tell the story of a song…Kathy hears and follows the calling. As a musician who has worked with Kathy for many years and as a fan of her singing, to simply put it, I love to hear her sing.”
Harold Becton, bassist (Washington DC)

“What is clear is that Kathy’s refusal to be categorized has lead to splendid pioneering collaborations that has helped to expand and blur the boundaries of rhythm & blues, dance, pop and jazz. Continuing to pay homage to her predecessors, her life is her voice. You feel for her when you hear her. Kathy evokes awestruck wonder from fans and the unquestioned respect from peers.”
Myles Overton, drummer, member of the U.S. Army Band (Washington DC)

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